Review of Blood Brother: A Memoir

Following is an official review of Blood Brother: A Memoir by Susan Keller.

I give this book a resounding 4 out of 4 stars.

Blood Brother: A Memoir was written by Susan Keller. This is a non-fiction book that detailed her journey as a cancer patient. Susan was diagnosed with lymphoma, and she traced that her grandmother also went through this dangerous illness called cancer. To survive, she would need a bone marrow transplant. What would be the role of her brother, Johnny, in her predicament?

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A Series of Catastrophes and Miracles

Mary Elizabeth Williams’s memoir, A Series of Catastrophes and Miracles, about her devastating bouts with malignant melanoma is equally heartbreaking and hilarious. “I’m in the waiting room in my F-CANCER shirt and magical butt-flattering Lululemon Groove pants, which is as close to being in my pajamas in public as I feel I can pull off.”

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