Lymphoma Notes, May 23, 2021

In 2005, I woke one morning with what I thought—courtesy of Google—was a minor kidney infection. All I needed was a bottle of antibiotics and I’d be fine. Twenty minutes after entering my doctor’s office, she told me I had Stage 4 lymphoma. Blood work revealed a hemoglobin level so low that a heart attack or brain aneurism was imminent. I was immediately hospitalized for emergency transfusions. A bone marrow biopsy revealed Mantle Cell Lymphoma, and 98% of my marrow was a cancerous mush.

But that was 16 years ago. In telling my against-the-odds story, my goal is to bring hope to all of you who have endured the arduous journey of treatment for a blood cancer. But I am well and wish you the same extraordinary outcome. From every post, I hope you will gain strength and see that miracles really do happen.

Susan Keller