In the hours Susan could steal away from her life as wife, mother, and small business owner, she wrote. Awful screenplays at 20, mediocre poetry at 30, better short stories at 40, and her medical memoir, Blood Brother after 50.

Ironically, being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive lymphoma at 55 launched her writing career in earnest. During the life-changing journey that is cancer, she kept a journal. Later, she accessed over 1,200 pages of her medical record. Together, these allowed her to capture the specificity, fears, pain, and hope that defined her unforgettable year in treatment.

Producing draft after draft of the memoir, she began to master her craft. She learned where to cut and where to go deeper, sometimes painfully deeper. The result is Blood Brother, this nakedly honest—and sometimes humorous—against-all-odds story.

Susan’s fiction and essays have been published in journals, on-line and in print. Her poetry—much improved over the decades—has taken prizes in national and regional contests.

Susan graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Public Health and Immunology. Her work in healthcare garnered awards from the American Medical Writers Association. Her dual background in science and literature makes the voice in Blood Brother lyric as well as credible.

She lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Daniel.


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