Blood Brother


I had it all—or thought I did—until the fatal lymphoma. 

At 55, I was happy in my marriage and at the top of my career. I awoke one morning with what I thought was a minor kidney infection. Twenty minutes after entering my doctor’s office, I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma, fatal, unless I received a bone marrow transplant. 

Blood Brother tells of my struggle with this devastating blood cancer and my desperate search for the one person in the world who might save my life—Johnny, my brilliant, off-the-grid, tripped-out brother who’d disappeared thirty years earlier. 

Blood Brother also reveals the preposterous events that resulted in finding him. The search itself proved life-changing as I learned the hardest lesson of all: That—no matter how hurtful—we must accept and even try to love the people and the events that will never be changed. 

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