One woman's journey to life without daily drinking. Annie's story will show the way toward loosening alcohol's seductive grip.

Come along.

About Susan

After earning a degree in Public Health and Immunology, Susan enjoyed a 30-year career as an award-winning medical writer. Additionally, her poetry won prizes in regional and national contests. This background in science and poetry gives her writing credibility as well as lyricism.

About Mostly Sober

A Love Story and a Road Trip

Drinking too much is the result of trauma for my protagonist, Annie Marks. When she was twelve, her mother divorced her alcoholic father who immediately remarried and adopted his second wife’s daughter. Annie was replaced and has never fully healed from that trauma. Annie’s need for her father’s love motivates her to continuously aim higher and work harder. This drive has led her into a stubborn drinking habit.

Annie is 27-years-old and has taken a break from medical school to waitress, make money, and pay down her crushing student debt. On a volunteer beach clean-up, she meets Dean, a smart, funny, sexy fireman, whose only noticeable vice is cheesecake. They fall deeply in love.

Also by Susan Keller

Blood Brother


I never doubted I would survive cancer. Death was not an option.

I had faith in Western medicine, in pharmaceuticals, and in my body’s ability to heal.

I had faith in my doctors (well, most of them anyway).

With denial—cleverly disguised as reason—I convinced myself that everything was—and would be—fine, even in the face of the glaring opposite.

Praise for Susan's Work

“What I found were beautiful lessons, for doctor and patient alike. The prognosis for her particular cancer was dismal and her recovery arduous. But Susan presents the process with insight and even humor and joy.”

—Amy Ewing, M.D.

“A beautiful story of the strength of the human spirit and fierce determination to live. I hope that others who have been faced with a cancer diagnosis will also find inspiration, healing, and closure in reading this most compelling memoir… This book is insightful and illuminating.”

—Joanna Mimi Choi, M.D.

“From the first few engrossing pages, I was right there sharing Susan’s extraordinary experiences with her. Blood Brother gives hope to those who’ve lost theirs. There are happy endings after all.”

—Meryl Luallin, CEO, SullivanLuallin Group