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Review of Blood Brother: A Memoir

Following is an official review of Blood Brother: A Memoir by Susan Keller.

I give this book a resounding 4 out of 4 stars.

Blood Brother: A Memoir was written by Susan Keller. This is a non-fiction book that detailed her journey as a cancer patient. Susan was diagnosed with lymphoma, and she traced that her grandmother also went through this dangerous illness called cancer. To survive, she would need a bone marrow transplant. What would be the role of her brother, Johnny, in her predicament?

I have been in a situation where someone I loved was going through cancer. While I read this book, it seemed to remind me of some events in the past which I had tried to forget. But the good thing about Susan’s story was it was relatable for me. Hence, I followed it to the end.

One thing I considered positive about this book was that it was not just about her journey through cancer; it was also the love story about her husband, Dan. In my opinion, Dan was a good man. The author found a way to include the story of her life and her background all in the same story.

Another positive side to this book was that it would be very motivational and encouraging to all cancer patients. For example, I felt the character of Susan would be a model for most cancer patients. Sickness is not as dangerous as the attitude we have towards it. Managing our emotions amid such a troublesome situation was, for me, the core message of this book.

Similarly, I liked that she was well knowledgeable in the areas of health. I found her doing some personal research about some obscure issues. Susan is a character I would like to read all over again. In the face of death, we should not fear.

I could not find anything offensive in this book. In other words, there was nothing I disliked. There were only a few grammatical errors. Hence, it seems professionally edited to me. I think the book was executed correctly. Some pictures of her and Johnny were included in the book. These pictures were clear to the reader. Due to all these, I give this book a resounding 4 out of 4 stars.

I recommend this book, Blood Brother: A Memoir, to those who love reading memoirs. Likewise, if you are a cancer patient and you need a book that will encourage you to fight for your health, then pick up this book. Also, if your relationship or marriage is going through some challenges due to some health issues, I will encourage you to read this book.


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