Lymphoma Notes, June 21, 2021

Results of My Diagnostic CT Scan Dr. Arent, a tall, handsome doctor—who could have made good money on General Hospital—enters my room. He has the dubious good fortune of giving me the outcome of my diagnostic CT scan. “I have your results,” he says thumbing through papers before rolling them into a tube that he…

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Lymphoma Notes, June 3, 2021

Sixteen Years a Survivor!

In my last post, I’d just been hospitalized for emergency transfusions only hours after being diagnosed with lymphoma.

Being hospitalized is its own crushing experience. If you’ve been there, and I’ll bet you have, you know about how your identity is smudged and blurred the moment your step into a hospital room. The first thing is the gown.

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Lymphoma Notes, May 29, 2021

In 2005, I woke one morning with what I thought—courtesy of Google—was a minor kidney infection. All I needed was a bottle of antibiotics and I’d be fine. Twenty minutes after entering my doctor’s office, she told me I had Stage 4 lymphoma. Blood work revealed a hemoglobin level so low that a heart attack…

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