Beautiful Lessons for Doctor and Patient Alike
“Thanks, and praise to Susan Keller for Blood Brother. Though facing a potentially fatal illness can be terrifying, it’s also a priceless opportunity to learn, re-connect, and heal. Susan captures and shares these major life changes in a truly accessible way. The prognosis for her particular cancer was dismal and her recovery arduous. But Susan presents the process with insight and even humor and joy. Blood Brother provides beautiful lessons, for doctor and patient alike.”
—Amy Ewing, M.D.

The Physician’s Powerful Role in the Patient Journey
“As a cancer survivor myself, I had goosebumps as I relived Susan’s experience learning the seriousness of her diagnosis and prevailing through treatment. A beautiful story of the strength of the human spirit and fierce determination to live. I hope that others who have been faced with a cancer diagnosis will also find inspiration, healing, and closure in reading this most compelling memoir.

As a physician, I trust that other medical professionals who read Blood Brother will understand the full scope of the Patient Journey and the healthcare providers’ powerful role within it. This book is insightful and illuminating. I highly recommend it to all readers.”
—Joanna Mimi Choi, M.D.

A Must Read for Providers
“From the first few engrossing pages, I was right there sharing Susan’s extraordinary experiences with her. Blood Brother is a must read for oncologists and other providers who believe their only responsibility is to treat the patient’s medical symptoms. It will inform and enrich the professional lives of those across the healthcare spectrum, adding depth and meaning to their days and producing better outcomes for patients. Blood Brother gives hope to those who’ve lost theirs—patients as well as practitioners. There are happy endings after all!”
—Meryl Luallin, CEO, SullivanLuallin Group

A Great Book for Patients and their Doctors
“I spent all day Saturday and most of the night reading Blood Brother. It is truly an eye opener to see the whole illness process through Susan’s memories and feelings, and to learn of her family story. This is a great book for anyone who treats patients and for patients and their families as well. It brings the Patient Journey into clear and dramatic focus.”
—Natalia Greyz, M.D.