E-book Pre-Sale

Mostly Sober: A Love Story and a Road Trip is a deeply human narrative that explores one woman’s journey to alcohol minimization. Here’s how Annie begins her story.


             Let’s be honest: Are you one of the millions of Americans who want to cut down on your drinking but aren’t a candidate for AA? I’m with you there. I tremble at the thought of standing in a chilly, overly lit church basement in front of a room full of sympathetic, steadfast strangers dunking day-old donuts into Styrofoam cups of coffee and staring at me while I introduce myself as an alcoholic, and then dive into a wretched story about how my life has fallen apart.

             That’s not me. And, I’ll bet it’s not you either.

             I’ve got no harrowing story to tell. I’ve never had a DUI, gotten fired from a job, or pushed my liver to the limit because of drinking. But alcohol—an infatuation and a rogue—was a stubborn obstacle between me and my best self. Between me and my dreams of becoming a pediatrician. Between me and marrying the man I love.

             Sidestepping my nightly habit was hard. I stumbled. I fell. But I finally got to my feet and stepped away from alcohol’s enduring embrace. Today, my liquid indulgence is a trickle. A sweet brook from which I sip. Just sometimes sip.

             Tough. Yes. But oh, so worth it. I did it. You can too. Come with me. Let’s go!


The book is now available for pre-sale on the home page. Thanks for joining me and Annie on a journey that will improve your health and happiness.