For My Wonderful Readers Who Love to Hold a Book in Their Hands

Mostly Sober: A Love Story and a Road Trip is now available from my publisher in paperback:

I wrote this book to help people who want and are attempting to cut back on their alcohol consumption. I am not alcohol free, nor is that my goal. But going from 60 drinks a month to 6, has been a great experience. I am finding peace with alcohol, and it is a gift. Physically, mentally, and emotionally life is just more beautiful.

​Breaking long-term habits is not easy, but the rewards can be profound.

The e-book is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The paperback will be released on July 27 from major distributors, nationally and internationally.

​Thanks to all of you who have already bought the e-book. I am deeply grateful for your kindness and support. I hope my book will entertain and educate.

I wish you all long and healthful lives.